Fashion Revolution Week 2023

Sign the Manifesto for a Fashion Revolution

Remembering the Rana Plaza tragedy 10 years on, this year Fashion Revolution are asking us to sign their 10 point manifesto for a fairer fashion industry. To treat textile workers with respect and for them to be paid a living wage. Additionally, treating our clothes with respect. Understanding the work and resources that goes into our clothes before they end up in our wardrobes.

What do you do with your clothes when you no longer have use for them? They might no longer fit, be damaged or perhaps was bought on a whim and never suited. We all have these moments. Is there something you can do to make your clothes last for longer?

From the 10 point manifesto we have chosen to focus on point 7, which encourages the longer life of the clothes that are already in our wardrobe. Reducing the need to buy new, using up the Earth’s valuable resources and preventing clothes from reaching landfill.

At Fast Fashion Therapy we teach and encourage people to repair their clothes at our regular workshops. We also have a free online library of ‘how to’ videos and blogs to help with small repairs that prevent us from wearing our clothes. Click on the below photos to be directed to the relevant blog post.

what do you need for a sewing mending kit?

how to sew on a button

how to darn a hole in a jumper

how to take up a hem

“Fashion Revolution Week 2023 marks 10 years since the Rana Plaza tragedy. Using the 10 points of our manifesto as building blocks, our Global Network of Fashion Revolutionaries in 75 countries are bringing people together to build a vision for radical change. Find out more about the campaign and how to get involved here.”

Join one of our in person or online workshops to repair your clothes. Find more details on our online calendar or search ‘Fast Fashion Therapy’ on Eventbrite.

clothes mending workshops