Clothes Mending Audit 2022

As the year comes to a close, we’re looking back at our year in mending, repair & upcycling.

We’ve loved welcoming so many people to our workshops throughout 2022 – whether at our regular workshops in Bethnal Green and Brixton, at one-off events and workshops around the UK or meeting people from across the world in our online workshops.

We hope our workshops have inspired the people attended to mend, stitch or upcycle their clothes or textiles more – we’ve learned so many new techniques from you as well. We’re so happy you’ve created this community with us 🪡 🧵🥰

Clothes repair mending workshops London

This year, you helped to save 192 items of clothing from going to landfill in our workshops.

Trousers, shorts and jeans come out top – so many of you have patched up holes or altered waistbands to keep your favourite clothing going.

Clothes mending repair sewing workshops London

Keeping a track of this info helps us to know what techniques are most useful for the people attending our workshops to learn. Now more than ever repair and sewing skills are so valuable in saving ourselves money, reducing waste and creating a more sustainable fashion industry.

Clothes mending repair workshops London

We couldn’t have done it without you – thank you so much to all of our community that keeps Fast Fashion Therapy alive!

Clothes mending workshops learn to sew

Thanks to St. Margaret’s House and The Remakery for all your support and for creating incredible community spaces for us to run our workshops in.

Thanks to East End Community Foundation and #THSmallGrantsFund for funding our workshops at The Create Place in Bethnal Green.

Thanks to Localgiving and the People’s Postcode Lottery for giving us one of their Magic Little Grants for funding our online workshops.