About Us

Fast Fashion Therapy is a sewing workshop that encourages the repair, upcycling and remodelling of used clothes, looking to break our habit to always buy new.

A collaboration between Eleanor & Sarah, the original idea for the name came from creating a workshop space that acted as a practical therapy for our collective addiction to fast fashion. The workshop also offers a therapeutic space for slowing down and taking a more mindful approach to fashion.

Our values of repair and reusing clothing are extended throughout our work. From the equipment and materials that we use to the marketing materials that we have printed.

Get in Touch

We host clothes repair workshops in London and the South East. Find the full list here, or sign up for our newsletter for a regular list of our workshops. If you are not based in London we have plenty of virtual workshops and videos to help with clothes mending

hello@fastfashiontherapy.co.uk | @fastfashiontherapy

Eleanor Tull

Eleanor mending a moth-eaten coat at one of our pop-up workshops.

Eleanor studied Textile Design at Falmouth University before working in the textile industry in production roles for luxury fashion and interior design studios, creating bespoke, hand-crafted pieces. An interest in working in a more sustainable and accessible part of the textile industry led to her returning to education to complete a master’s degree in textiles at Chelsea College of Art, with a focus on encouraging repair and reuse through creative techniques. Alongside running the workshops, Eleanor now works at Arts Emergency, a mentoring charity that supports young people from underrepresented backgrounds to get into the creative industries.


Sarah Richards

Sarah Richards in East London

Sarah is the founder of Olive Road London, an independent vintage fabric shop. Sarah has been sewing since she was a young child, making dresses for her Sindy dolls, progressing to clothes for herself. Initially taught by her Nan, she studied Fashion Design for four years at the London College of Fashion. She has worked in the Fashion Retail industry as a Junior Buyer and Exec Assistant. Working in a fast fashion environment inspired Sarah to source other sources of fabric that are more sustainable, such as vintage fabrics: reusing textiles and preventing them from being thrown into landfill. Sarah enjoys sharing her sewing skills with others, helping them to repair their clothes.