How to find time to mend clothes

Top tips for ticking clothes mending off your to do list

Since I’ve been teaching people to mend their clothes the more of my own clothes I have to mend. Karen, a regular workshop attendee, asked if we ever give up on an item of clothing. No is the answer and I think that is why my mending pile seems to be larger than ever. I did mend my clothes before I taught the workshops but I might give up more quickly on an item that wasn’t a quick fix. We have been running the workshops for four years and I rarely give up on an item of clothing. Choosing darning, patching, altering or upcycling the clothes so they feel new again! Here are my top tips on how to find time to mend your clothes.

1. Keep the clothes visible

Where do you keep your clothes that need to be repaired? I find if I put them in the wardrobe or drawers they never seemed to get fixed. I place mine in a small basket close to my wardrobe reminding me to mend them.

2. Mending kit

Keep a small sewing or mending kit to hand. You don’t need much equipment, a variety of needles, a few threads, yarns and patches of fabric. The most important thing is a sharp pair of scissors that you only use for fabrics and threads. Read our blog on how to build a repair kit.

3. Our free ‘How To’ video library

We have a range of how to videos to help with clothes mending. Whether that is darning a jumper or a pair of socks, patching for denim repair or any woven garments. Taking up a hem and upcycling clothes. Our most recent addition to the video library is how to replace a zip in a pair of denim shorts or jeans. Any garment with a fly front.

how to replace a zip in jeans trouser shorts and skirt with a fly front

4. Our free online mend-a-long

Time is definitely an issue when it comes to clothes mending. We’ve been running a monthly mend-a-long online for the past couple of years to encourage people to mend their clothes. An hour once a month when a group of us get together to chat as we mend. It isn’t a formal teaching session but all clothes mending and upcycling questions are welcome. We learn of techniques we might not have thought of from people who join us from all over the UK and sometimes the US. Sign up to our newsletter for joining details.

clothes mending online sew along darning patching denim repair zero waste living

I understand that it isn’t always quick and easy to fit clothes mending into your week. But sometimes it can be the smallest mends that prevent us from wearing our clothes. Whether that is a lost button or a small hole. Join us for a collective mending session and be amazed how much you can get repaired in an hour.

We are thrilled to announce that we have received £500 of funding for our online mend-a-long project through Localgiving Magic Little Grants Fund which is supported by Players of People’s Postcode Lottery – It means we are able to keep running this online-mend-along for free for a year, thank you to everyone who plays the People’s Postcode Lottery! We meet on the first Monday of the month (unless there is a bank holiday and we are taking a break in August).