A message from TRAID: It’s time to stop.

The whole world is doing it… no more commuting, gathering or shaking hands.

The list of things we have to stop seems bigger than the list of things we’re still allowed to do.

But look a bit deeper and you’ll see that we aren’t stopping because we are defeated – we’re stopping because we will not be beaten.

We’re stopping to protect the vulnerable in society. We’re stopping to save lives.

Your inaction, is the best possible action.

Many are talking about their fears right now and it is certainly right to be cautious. But today we want to talk about our hopes.

Because there is value in stopping, and it could look like this…

We learn to stop polluting

Researchers in New York are reporting a near 50% reduction in carbon monoxide compared to this time last year.

Perhaps this is a time where we can learn the value of reducing our emissions and our impact on the earth in the long term.

We learn to stop consuming

Forget about panic buying toilet rolls for a second and you can see that many of us are learning about what we really need – not focusing on the next big purchase.

Perhaps this is the time where we understand the value of what we consume and give our products and the people who make them the respect they deserve.

We learn to stop hating

‘Lands apart, sky shared’ 

A quote from an ancient poem written on a shipment of masks and thermometers that was sent from Japan to China.

Perhaps this is the time we realise that we share the same earth – and many of the same problems. Perhaps a common adversary will unite us.

It might sound idealistic 

…to talk too much of hope right now. 

But rest assured that we will be giving you practical ways that you can make the world a better, fairer place over the next weeks and months.

We’ll start with a short guide to the implications of the coronavirus on international trade and developing countries that will be with you next week.

Until then you can contact us any time by emailing hello@traidcraft.org – and if you feel compelled to support us in this difficult time, you can support us here.
 Thank you for everything you do.