Ready for a Fashion Revolution?

How to get involved for Fashion Revolution Week: 22 to 28 April 2019

Monday is the start of Fashion Revolution Week. The sixth year in which the charity are encouraging us to get involved and challenge our favourite fashion brands with the question ‘Who Made My Clothes?‘. The charity was established in 2013 a year after the Rana Plaza disaster that killed 1138 garment workers in Bangladesh. Since then the charity has been campaigning globally to challenge the human and environmental consequences of the fashion industry, encouraging them to change their practices to a more transparent and circular model.

Want to learn how to be a fashion revolutionary? Choose your favourite piece of clothing. Text, email and write a letter to the brand on the label using the hashtag #whomademyclothes? – find more tips on how to approach the fashion brand effectively on Fashion Revolution’s website. Including downloadable posters and kits. Don’t give up, keep contacting the brand until you get an answer. Keep the message positive and professional. Last year Sarah took part in a three week Future Learn online course designed by Fashion Revolution and the University of Exeter to take an in-depth look of ‘who made my clothes?’. Read how she got on here.

We are excited to be taking our Fast Fashion Therapy workshop on the road for two events during Fashion Revolution Week. Pebblefest is an ethical lifestyle festival hosted by Pebble Magazine. It takes place on Saturday 27 April in London Bridge. We have two demonstrations to show how to mend clothes through darning and boro style patching. Click here to buy tickets to the event and find out all the amazing ethical brands that are taking part.

On Sunday you can find us at the Fair Fashion Fair hosted by Betsy’s Closet Swap Shop. A fun day out swishing clothes and eating food that would otherwise have ended up in landfill. Tickets and more details about the swishing event found here. Our workshop has sold out but stop by in case we have had any last minute cancellations.