Repair and Refashion Online

Have you got items of clothing you’ve been hoping to alter or mend but just need some advice and inspiration to get started? Join us for a one-on-one 30 minute advice slot (done over a video call platform of your choice like Zoom or Google Hangouts) and we can offer advice on the right techniques and materials to use. Once you’ve purchased a ticket, we’ll get in contact with you to organise what programme you want to use to talk. £2.50 from the sale of each ticket will be donated to charity, the total raised will be split between 3 charities, The Trussell Trust, Fashion Revolution and Refuge, more information on the charities included below. Ticket price includes £1.30 booking fee.

All you’ll need to take part are the clothes you’re looking for advice on.

  • If you have a basic sewing kit at home, we can lead you through the techniques in the tutorial. Visit our blog on how to build your own sewing kit.
  • If you have a sewing machine at home, we can also offer advice using the sewing machine.
  • If you have no sewing kit, we can still help you with techniques you could use and give you tips on where to find some basic kit/what you could use from around your home. Visit our blog on what to use instead of a darning mushroom.

An idea of items of clothing we could help you get started on…

  • a jumper with holes in
  • a dress that needs the length altering
  • ripped inner seam of a pair of jeans
  • the waistband on a skirt that needs adjusting

Time goes quickly when you’re repairing! It’s unlikely you’ll be able to finish your repair/alteration in the 30-minute time slot but we can offer the advice and techniques you need to carry on at home on your own after. If you’re unsure what to work on, get in touch by email we can point you in the right direction.

We’ll be donating £2.50 from the sale of each ticket to charities supporting people around the U.K. and worldwide, the three charities we’ll be supporting are…

  • The Trussell Trust – their work supports a U.K. network of food banks, providing emergency food and support to people locked in poverty whilst campaigning for change to end the need for food banks in the U.K.
  • Fashion Revolution – their work campaigns to radically change the way our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed to make the fashion industry truly sustainable and ethical. Many low-paid garment workers across the world have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 so their campaigning and support is as vital as ever.
  • Refuge – their work provides specialist support for women, children and some men experiencing domestic abuse across the U.K. through refuges, community outreach and a 24 hour helpline.